Handavinnan mín / My crafts

I am a yarnaholic!

I decided last night to take pictures of all my yarn or at least most of it (there are at least 4 skeins that I know of that didn’t make it onto a picture), and I realized I have WAY too much yarn!

I am currently on a yarn buying ban and there won’t be any new yarn until all the yarn that doesn’t fit into the chest I made especially for yarn is finished and all new yarn that comes to live with me must fit into the chest.

So here goes:

My chest of treasures

Here it is, all secretive and not telling us of the treasures inside it. Bob the cat is very curious.

The top half with the secret compartment hidden

Oh, all the yarn! It’s completely full.

The secret compartment revealed.

Surprise surprise! A secret compartment, of course filled with yarn.

The lower compartment

More! Look at those shiny silk yarns that my mom got me in China! So beautiful, and my other cat, Obb, thinks so too.

But wait! That’s not all, see all the stuff that doesn’t fit. And it is a lot, the picture makes it look smaller than it really is…

All the misfits, that don’t fit into the chest of treasures.


Well, I hope I’ve finished enough yarn by the end of this year to be able to use the chest for it’s original purpose, the sole container of yarn in my house! 😀





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