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Yarn bowl! Yay!

I’ve always wanted a yarn bowl ever since I knew they existed (so, a few months ago, lol). There’s an etsy seller, blueroompottery, that sells yarnbowls that are so beautiful, and I would love to get one of those but unfortunately it’s out of my price range, mostly since I would need to pay taxes and stuff like that on top of the price. 😦

I have a teapot that I got from my mom after she broke the lid of it, but I haven’t used it at all, and so I got the idea that could be a small yarnbowl! It has a small opening for the yarn and a bigger one to stuff the yarn in the pot through. 😛 It was just too cute to throw away so this is perfect for it. ^_^






One response

  1. Thanks for posting about my etsy shop and my yarn bowls 🙂 Hey, if you want one, just contact me 🙂 🙂

    14.1.2013 at 03:05

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