Handavinnan mín / My crafts


I am a yarnaholic!

I decided last night to take pictures of all my yarn or at least most of it (there are at least 4 skeins that I know of that didn’t make it onto a picture), and I realized I have WAY too much yarn!

I am currently on a yarn buying ban and there won’t be any new yarn until all the yarn that doesn’t fit into the chest I made especially for yarn is finished and all new yarn that comes to live with me must fit into the chest.

So here goes:

My chest of treasures

Here it is, all secretive and not telling us of the treasures inside it. Bob the cat is very curious.

The top half with the secret compartment hidden

Oh, all the yarn! It’s completely full.

The secret compartment revealed.

Surprise surprise! A secret compartment, of course filled with yarn.

The lower compartment

More! Look at those shiny silk yarns that my mom got me in China! So beautiful, and my other cat, Obb, thinks so too.

But wait! That’s not all, see all the stuff that doesn’t fit. And it is a lot, the picture makes it look smaller than it really is…

All the misfits, that don’t fit into the chest of treasures.


Well, I hope I’ve finished enough yarn by the end of this year to be able to use the chest for it’s original purpose, the sole container of yarn in my house! 😀





Yarn bowl! Yay!

I’ve always wanted a yarn bowl ever since I knew they existed (so, a few months ago, lol). There’s an etsy seller, blueroompottery, that sells yarnbowls that are so beautiful, and I would love to get one of those but unfortunately it’s out of my price range, mostly since I would need to pay taxes and stuff like that on top of the price. 😦

I have a teapot that I got from my mom after she broke the lid of it, but I haven’t used it at all, and so I got the idea that could be a small yarnbowl! It has a small opening for the yarn and a bigger one to stuff the yarn in the pot through. 😛 It was just too cute to throw away so this is perfect for it. ^_^





Dalalæða from the magazine Lopi og Band 1 2011

I finished a sweater for me today that I have been knitting with on and off since june, or actually my mother finished it, since I don’t feel too confident about putting zippers into sweaters and she just finished putting it in. I finished it on thursday and it has just been waiting for the zipper.

I really like it since it fits perfectly, I had to tweak it a bit since the pattern assumed all girls have smaller hips and huge boobs that are 10-20 cm more in circumference than the butt. >.< I made half XL and the top half L, and lengthened the sleeves since they were way too short when I did them according to the pattern.

I can’t wait to be able to wear it, it’s way too hot at the moment, lol!


Belluvettlingar og peysa/ Bella’s mittens and a sweater

Er loksins búin með eitthvað, kláraði peysu á pabba Daniels og svo Belluvettlinga á mig, þetta tók ekki mikinn tíma en frágangurinn fékk að sitja á hakanum meðan ég hoppaði milli verkefna. 🙂

Finally finished something, finished a sweater for Daniel’s dad and Bella’s mittens for me, it didn’t take much time but I left the finishing of the projects, weaving in ends and putting zippers, that kind of stuff for ages while I jumped between projects constantly. 🙂


Mittens, they’re not misshaped, just weird picture.


The sweater.

Loksins Haruni!

Ég lagði loksins í Haruni og tókst það mjög vel að mínu mati. Ég er mjög stolt af þessu. 😀 Er annars orðin sjalasjúk eftir þetta.

I finally managed to make Haruni, and it went well. I’m very proud. 😀 I’m getting a bit shawlmaking-crazy now!


Mín útgáfa af Móru úr Lopa 31

Ég prjónaði þessa peysu á tæplega 2 og hálfum mánuði, með skóla. Það tók mig svona langan tíma vegna þess að ég er í skólanum og get þess vegna ekkert prjónað nema einstaka sinnum, svo var ég líka að prjóna hitt og þetta með, eins og bjórvettlingana hennar Erlu og pilsið mitt sem ég er enn bara á byrjuninni á.

Stockholm scarf

Ég bjó til þennan trefil úr Riot DK, geðveikt mjúkt og þægilegt, þetta er svona endalaus trefill, bara hringur sem er vafinn utan um hálsinn.

I made this scarf out of Riot DK, it’s very soft and comfortable, it’s one of those infinity scarves, just a round thing wrapped around your neck.